What We Do

  1. To organize training and extension programme in planning execution, harvesting utilization of bamboos and their products.
  2. We undertake implementation of bamboo development projects on behalf of any Government, company, or Corporation, whether private or public. click here for more information
  3. We acquire books, manuscripts, brochures, pamphlets, charts, journals, newsletters, scientific papers, films, CDs and such modern media, for purposes of collection of data and dissemination of the same on all aspects of bamboo sector.
  4. We organize conferences, sponsor seminars, workshops, meetings, group discussions on all subjects pertaining to development of bamboo sector.
  5. We encourage and sponsor research related to bamboo sector, management, harvest, utilization and take up pilot projects based on the results of such research.
  6. We seek and give assistance and co-operation on research and development of bamboo plantations, manufacture of bamboo value added products, with all educational and scientific institutions in India and overseas.
  7. We undertake scientific study of all types of bamboo plantations on all kinds of lands and promote, encourage and assist development of bamboo plantations in all aspects, including growing and manufacture of bamboo based value added products, research, education, marketing and trade of bamboos and bamboo products.
  8. We serve as consultants to various national and international organizations on development of bamboo sector.
  9. We encourage and assist individuals, associations, groups, agencies and institutions, and affiliate with them in the promotion of the above objects.
  10. We do or cause to be done any activities that is conducive to the attainment of the main objects of the society.
  11. We make appropriate recommendations to Government and other authorities on management and development of bamboo sector.